• Krysta Embardino

New Client Information Sheet

Welcome! We are so happy to have you as a client at Revelry Hair Studio. Before your appointment we would like to go over some information in regards to your upcoming service. There will be a more in-depth consultation when you arrive but these are some things that can help get the ball rolling.

  • Parking: Revelry is located at 130 N.Bond Street, Bel Air MD 21014 and on a one-way street. We do have an onsite parking lot so no need to street park. Those are only 2 hour slots and we don't anyone towed. If the parking lot is full please drive to the next street at the church and make a right. There will be an empty gravel lot on your right and you may park there as well.

  • Timing: Please allow AT LEAST a 3 hour time slot for your color service. That is the average time for a full color service. It can be less for a smaller appointment and longer for color corrections but usually the timing is 3 hours. We don’t like to feel rushed or anxious and we also don’t want that for our guests. We want to be able give our full attention to detail for each client.

  • Children: We love kids! We are all mamas here. We understand that sometimes emergencies happen and sometimes you have to bring the little one. But PLEASE try to leave the babies at home. We are not responsible for accidents and given the amount of chemicals and hot tools, there is bound to be one. We also are working on a time schedule and cant afford to have the client leaving the chair repeatedly to take care of the child. We want this be a relaxing experience for all clients.

  • Pricing: We accept cash, check & card. All of our pricing is located on our website Please look over the pricing and what you booked for. This is an outline and may need adjustment on the day of your appointment. The pricing will be more accurate during your in person consultation.

  • Photos: Inspiration photos are extremely encouraged! We want to see them all! This helps create an idea board and for us to see the type of colors and style your looking for. BUT please remember these photos are for inspiration only. We can not make your hair look exactly the picture. Every head of hair is different. Density, texture, client skin tone, previous color services done on the hair, etc. Example: A client with medium blonde hair with no previous color can lift to a platinum blonde compared to a client with dark brown hair with previous dark color who can only lift to a dark blonde.

  • Maintenance: We STRONGLY encourage an at-home hair care system with professional products. This does not include products bought at Wal-Mart, Target, TJ Maxx, etc. If we do not carry what you are looking for or something in your budget then at least visit your local Ulta. Anything non-professional will strip the fresh color you just spent time and money on. We can not guarantee our work if you are not using quality care at home. We are also not responsible for how your hair takes to color or lightener if you have been using these products. They can leave a residue on the hair shaft that can have a bad reaction when mixed with chemicals. Please ask your stylist for recommendations if you are unsure.

See You Soon! XOXO