• Krysta Embardino

Warm Doesn't Always Mean Brassy!

"I hate orange"

"I don't want to see any yellow"

"I hate warm tones"

"My hair always turns brassy"

"I want to be bright blonde"

These are by far the most commonly used phrases that stylists hear. I'm not sure where the mindset started of "warm tones are ugly". It's extremely rare that a client requests a warm tone right away and I think it's because they don't know the difference between warm and brassy. Someone who is brassy has a washed-out look to their hair. Whether its been over-processed, faded from the sun or lost its shine and vitality, a brassy hair color to me means its lacking a certain tone or dimension.

Most of the time a warm tone actually looks better on the clients skin tone and you have to convince them that that ashy, platinum blonde picture they brought in will actually wash them out. It's also difficult to explain to clients that "white" hair is actually just a toner and will fade. If the hair remains white weeks after the service, it's dead and needs to be cut off. The yellow pigment that returns to your hair is actually your hair shaft rebuilding it's keratin and is a good sign that your hair is still alive. So be grateful!

So this post is dedicated to showcasing the beauty of warm tones. Enjoy!