• Krysta Embardino

Recommended Shampoos/Conditioners

Walking around a store like Ulta or looking into products on Amazon can sometimes be overwhelming.

Which one do I choose?

Would this work on my hair?

Will this make my hair greasy?

The list goes on.

Here I am going to give you some recommened products I like and who they are best for. I will also include the link on where to buy them. I am not going to include Amazon links because there are obviously sellers on there that can't be trusted. Shop at your own risk.

L'anza Keratin Healing Oil

Best for: Dry, processed/bleached hair ; medium/thick hair

Why I love it: THE SMELL for one is intoxicating. Everyone I use it on comments on it and asks what it is. It's thick, creamy and oh so hydrating. This will make your mane silky, soft and replenish everything bleaching has removed.

Where to buy: Ulta

L'anza Moisture

Best for: Dry, processed/bleached hair, medium/thick hair

Why I love it: This one is in my personal shower although they have changed the packaging since I last purchased it. It smells like sun tan lotion and my hair is so soft and healthy after using it. I bleach my hair A LOT and this has helped make such a difference in replenishing the moisture.

Where to buy: Ulta

Wella Brilliance

Best for: Grey coverage, all over colored hair ; fine/normal/thick hair

Why I love it: Not only does this one also smell great but it keeps the hair looking shiny and holds color. The shampoos come in "fine/normal" or "thick/coarse". The conditioners can range from light weight for fine hair to heavy for thick hair.

Where to buy: Ulta

Wella Enrich

Best for: dry/damaged hair ; fine hair

Why I love it: A moisturizing shampoo that replenishes the hair without weighing it down and gives volume

Where to buy : Ulta

Pureology Hydrate

Best for: Dry/Color-treated hair ; all hair types

Why I love it: Again with the smells! So good! It also hydrates, moisturizes and has no sulfates

Where to buy: Ulta

Tonal Shampoos


Best for: Blondes with highlights/ gray,silver hair ladies

Why I love it: Everyday wear and tear on the hair will always dull your highlights and make them appear more yellow. The purple shampoo tones out unwanted "yellow/brassy" tones in the hair. Apply this once a week and leave it on for a minute or two. The longer you leave it on the more the purple will deposit.

Recommend Brands: JOICO





Best for: Brunettes with highlights

Why I love it: When dark hair is lifted the undertone is exposed which is a warm/orange color. In order to cancel this out you need to be toned with a blue based color, not a purple. Blue shampoo will help create a toner at home in between appointments so your caramel highlights don't become orange streaks.

Recommended Brands: JOICO




Best for: All over red heads; red highlights. NOT for reds with blonde highlights!

Why I love it: Rich red is the hardest color to keep. Any tone in the red family will fade faster than any other color. Using a tonal shampoo at home will re-pigment the hair in between appointments. WARNING: Your bath tub will look like a murder scene and you will probably want to sleep on a towel if your going to bed with your hair wet. Red pigment will bleed onto everything!

Recommended Brands: JOICO SHAMPOO



Best for: Well water users; swimmers; other hair issues

Why I love it: This is a phenomenal brand! Almost every salon uses their treatments and I highly recommend them. They have hair care shampoos/conditioners for people with well water and adults/kids who live in the pool. Both of these situations causes color stripping, dryness and dull hair. They also have treatments for thin hair, hair loss, blondes, mineral buildup, etc.

Where to buy: MALIBU