• Krysta Embardino

Going Blonde? Read Me!

Welcome to the blonding journey my friend! Whether you have been blonde before or this is a first for you, here are some things to consider for your blonde goals.

I follow MANY talented hair artists and color experts on social media. Recently I came across "@marydoesmyhair" and she posted some instructions/advice that I thought were genius for clients who were going to experiment with going lighter. These are things I already tell my clients but I feel as though it gets lost throughout the appointments so having them stated here for all to read anytime is so helpful.


-Be unrealistic with your expectations

Blonding is NOT a process you want to rush. It is never a good idea to attempt 10 hours of work into 5 hours. Your beginning canvas will dictate how your service will flow, NOT your stylists capabilities. For example, I will only leave bleach on the hair for maximum of 45 minutes (I never use heat) and whatever level your hair lifts to, is what it is. So you start with a darker canvas, I am not going to bleach your hair multiple times in one sitting or use a crazy high developer with heat to get you lighter only for that hair to break off. I can NOT change what your hair lifts to, its science and not my capabilities that dictate that.

-Shampoo your hair everyday!!

This will strip your hair of it's natural oils and ultimately your toners so you will get brassy sooner. Over shampooing will be the first thing that will fade your color and make your hair more dry in the long run. Even using one of our recommended shampoos/conditioners, you still should not be washing everyday.

-Be a Slave to the Hot Tools

Heat causes physical and irreparable damage to the hair. Hence why I don't use it while also having bleach on the hair, it's just too much. If you style your hair in the beginning of the week (and your not washing it often) then it should last you a few days without having to touch it with the flat iron every single day. There are plenty of alternatives such as dry shampoo, braids, up-styling, cute pony, headbands, etc.

-Be inconsistent with Your Ideas & Don't Change Your Mind at Every Appointment

Commit to the idea you have in your mind before you come in to the salon and stay consistent throughout your following appointments. Going back and forth between dark/light or cool/warm colors can be tricky because the hair will not always lift or take to color the same as before. You can't have every single picture you see on Pinterest at every appointment. We want to make you happy and having a consistent goal will help ensure the end result. Remember, hair color is chemistry! Every result is still a chemical reaction on your hair. Don't be too adventurous with your expectations without possible consequences.


-Use Good Products

I understand that everyone is on some sort of budget and grabbing something inexpensive from the grocery store or Walgreens is enticing. But please know, that WE know. I can feel when a client is using something they shouldn't be. There is a definite build-up on the hair and after touching hair that has been cleansed, we can feel the difference. There have been actual videos that surfaced of clients being put under heat while getting highlights and their hair started smoking! Come to find out, these ladies were all using Pantene ProV. These products also strip the color you just paid all that money for. So please take care of it.

-Condition in Between Appointments

We only see you every 8-10 weeks (depending on your color) so just having us condition you that once at the salon is NOT enough. You should be consistently using a leave-in conditioner or a conditioning mask at home once a week and it can make the biggest difference. Buy a tub of Coconut Oil from the grocery store, rub it in your hands after a shower, let it sit for as long as possible and rinse it out. There are also plenty of good ones on the market.